New World Residency ...surpasses your imagination

We shape our building; thereafter they shape us.

New World Residency

As a real estate company we develop and deliver unique, integrated lifestyle and work place environments through its focus on high quality architecture, strong project execution and our customer-centric approach. It aims to develop 'integrated master planned communities' which comprise residential projects enabling a "live, work and play" theme within the same development.

Compfortably located, Karnal is one of the most important districts of Haryana. For a lifestyle that spells of luxuries and comforts, this destination is the best choice - far from the madding crowd and overpopulated metros near it.

Karnal, today is the best choice to buy residential and commercial property. Quality of life with elements like greenery, tranquility, spaciousness is accompanied by availability of modern facilities and amenities ranging from sprawling shopping malls and recreational centers. All this puts Karnal on top of the wish list for those who want to make it dream home.

...surpasses your imagination

New World Residency apartments are custom-made for an exclusive community who wises to experience luxury and aesthetics.

Bring in a vast difference to the way we see living.

New World Residency - Nestled in the ultimate locale of tranquility and solace, the project heralds an era of new world luxuries combining with suburban living. The unique features and benefits of this exceptional residential estate, take it much beyond any other project. Right from sprawling acres of refreshing greens populating every corner, to fresh and cool breezes streaming inside, to the cross-ventilated arrangements that guides natural light into all corners of the houses, are parts of the exceptional advantages of a lifestyle in this exquisite heaven.


The Philosophy of True love & True Family

The Philosophy of true love and true family - Feast your eyes at a dreamscape bound by the mystical ecstasy. This picturesque complex is surronded by a beautiful temple. Adobe to faith and calm, the mythic imagery presents a picture of harmony and serenity. The residents are sure to savour the feel oneness and quiet in this surrounding.


Come. Soak in it.

If life is a celebration, this is the place to be in. Step into this exquisite heaven of luxuries to discover yourself in completely different world altogether. A world that satiated all your hedonistic desires and one that you simply cannot let go off. come. soak in it.

Committed to building better lives and a brighter future.

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Lifestyle & Amenities

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Lifestyle & Amenities

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